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OK, so not the bucket list, but the preliminary bibliography I am working on. You can find this text here on Scribd.com, and I will update it regularly.

The texts are all in the philosophy of science, generally speaking. Some are more closely related to philosophy, others are texts by scientists, and I have even included some of the popular books on cosmology written for the Barnes and Noble crowd. This list is not complete, and I certainly welcome any suggestions for obvious texts missing.

How will I proceed? Well, the idea is to begin with some of the more popular, generally accessible texts in the philosophy of science and then progress into more specialized texts as I move forward. For example, I will begin with Thomas Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, a classic text whose ideas are ubiquitous in all fields (I think his ideas are discussed more regularly at business seminars than in academics). This is a foundational text that is also easy to move through and provides an important introduction to the ideas that I brought up here. Following Kuhn, I expect to move on to Ian Hacking’s Representing and Intervening: Introductory Topics in the Philosophy of Natural Science. From there, I am not sure, so I will have reassess after making it through these two.

You may be asking yourself (though you are probably not) “How did he compile this list?” About half of the books appear in some form or another in my dissertation. Now, this does not mean that I read those books through carefully, but rather just that they can be found cited throughout the work. The other half, specifically those that pertain directly to the philosophy of science, have been assembled through extensive internet research. Actually, I spent about an hour googling syllabi on the topic, collecting their reading lists, and thus I compiled this list. Again, I will continue to update this, especially if my readers have any suggestions.

To answer the final question racing through your mind right now: No, I do not have the intention of reading all of these texts cover to cover. Rather, I hope to carefully work through the essentials and document my progress in a publicly humiliating fashion, once again so that you can learn from my mistakes. Bon appétit!


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